Uldhiyya Guidelines – 2021

Jul 08, 2021

 Ref No. ACJU/NGS/2021/132

2021.07.06 (1442.11.25)


Uldhiyya is an important Sunnah in Islam. Some religious scholars have declared that offering Uldhiyya is ‘Waajib’. With regard to Uldhiyya, Almighty Allah (Swt) says in the Holy Quran "So, offer Salāh (prayer) to your Lord, and sacrifice" (Surah 108 Verse 02).

The consensus opinion of the religious scholars is that goats, cows or camels should be offered as Uldhiyya. According to the context of our country, due to the unavailability of camels, only goats or cows may be offered as Uldhiyya and offering any other animal shall not be deemed as valid. The ACJU guidance on this subject is mentioned in the following link.  (https://acju.lk/fatwa-bank-ta/recent-fatwa/item/1734-2019-08-05-11-45-09)

The ACJU appeals the Muslims to perform this act of worship observing the religious guidelines, while strictly abiding by the related legal rulings stated under the 'Animal Act No.29 of 1958'.

Considering the prevailing situation in the country due to the spread of the Covid-19 virus, the ACJU urges the Muslim community to ensure that the circumstances are favorable and all the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health are strictly followed while performing Uldhiyya this year.

As the circumstances vary from region to region, the respective ACJU Divisional Branches, Masjid Trustees and other dignitaries should be consulted and appropriate decisions should be made on performing Uldhiyya in the respective areas and we urge the public to completely abide by their recommendations.

Those in localities where it is difficult to perform Uldhiyya but still wish to do so, could make necessary arrangements at other suitable areas to carry out this deed.

The following guidelines should be observed by those who wish to perform Uldhiyya:

  1. It is Sunnah for the person who intends to perform Uldhiyya, to refrain from removing hair and clipping nails from the commencement of the Month of Thul Hijjah until Uldhiyyah is offered.


  1. Uldhiyya could be performed from the time the Eid Salaah and both Khutbahs are completed until the time of Sun set on the 13th of Thul Hijjah.


  1. A cow or a camel can be collectively offered as Uldhiyya, by seven persons maximum. It is recommended to offer a goat or a cow as Uldhiyya by individuals based on their affordability, rather than collectively performing this deed.


  1. In localities where offering cows as Uldhiyya is difficult, it is recommended to offer goats.


  1. The guidelines of ACJU which should be followed when collectively offering Uldhiyyah is mentioned in the following link. These guidelines should be observed appropriately. https://acju.lk/fatwa-bank-ta/recent-fatwa/item/1380-2018-08-17-12-38-25


  1. Considering the laws of this country, all necessary documents such as animal's ownership certificate, health certificate, and permit to transport the animal etc. should be obtained.


  1. Transporting of animals without permits and loading of animals into the vehicles in excess of the permitted quantity, should be strictly avoided.


  1. The animals should not be tortured at any circumstance.


  1. The animals should be fed sufficiently until it is slaughtered.


  1. The knife to be used for slaughtering, should be well sharpened.


  1. The slaughtering of the animal should not be visible to the other animals.


  1. The place allocated for the slaughter, should be clean and the waste such as blood, bones etc. should be removed in an appropriate manner as per the relevant Health guidelines.


  1. The places utilized for slaughter should be sprayed with insecticide and cleanliness should be maintained.


  1. Government guidelines related to Covid-19 such as maintaining physical distancing and wearing a mask should be strictly observed.


  1. As we are living in a multi-ethnic society, we should avoid any act that would hurt others and may cause discomfort among other communities.


  1. Honoring the sentiments of the Buddhists, slaughtering animals on the Poya Day should be strictly avoided.


  1. Taking photographs or videos of performing Uldhiyya should be avoided and especially such content should not be posted on Social Media.


The ACJU kindly requests all Masjid Imams and Khateebs to encourage the virtues and importance of Uldhiyya, and to emphasize on abiding the related rulings, guidelines and especially advice the public to perform this Ibaadah in a manner that does not hurt or arouse the feelings of other communities.



Ash Shaikh M. Arkam Nooramith

General Secretary - ACJU

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