Frequently Asked Questions - ACJU

The ACJU was founded in the year 1924.


  • Fatwa Hotline – 0117 490 420
  • Fatwa E Mail –
  • Fatwa Division - No. 281, Jayantha Weerasekara Mawatha, Colombo 10.

ACJU is open from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM on weekdays. We are closed on weekends and mercantile holidays. 

  • Preserving and promoting the religion of Islam called Dheenul Islam.
  • Ensuring upholding unity among the Muslim community and especially strengthening accord among the Ulama.
  • Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of the Muslims in economic, social and cultural spheres.
  • Publishing books, periodicals and magazines in Sinhala, Tamil & English languages to better inculcate the Muslim masses as well as non-Muslims about the teachings and principals of Islam and establishing one or more libraries to further facilitate this cause.
  • Encouraging learning Arabic Language and the Islamic Shari’a.
  • Promoting ethnic harmony.
  • Establishing branches of the Jamiyyah in every administrative district in the country.
  • Executing all necessary activities that would enable the Jamiyya t acquire its objectives and goals.

There are 24 District Branches and 119 ACJU Divisional branches. 

  1. Marhoom Moulavi Falil M.H.M. Shamsuddeen Alim Al-Baqavi
  2. Marhoom Moulavi Falil H.L. Abdul Hameed Al-Bahji (Former Principal – Bahjathul Ibraheemiyyah Arabic College, Galle)
  3. Marhoom Moulavi Falil HIbathul Kareem Al-Baqavi
  4. Marhoom Moulavi Falil Muhammad Umar Al-Baqavi (Former Principal - Al-Gafooriyya Arabic College, Maharagama)
  5. Marhoom Moulavi Falil A.L.M.A. Faleel Al-Bahji (Former Director of Education)
  6. Marhoom Moulavi Falil Y.L. Haneef An-Nadhvi (Former Lecturer – Zahira College, Colombo)
  7. Marhoom Moulavi Falil A.S.M. Shamsuddeen Al-Baqavi (Former Principal - Al-Gafooriyya Arabic College, Maharagama)
  8. Marhoom Moulavi Falil U.M. Thassim An-Nadhvi Al-Azhari MA (Former Principal – Jamiah Naleemiyyah, Beruwala)
  9. Marhoom Moulavi Falil M.I. AbdusSamad Al- Bahji (Former Principal – Al-Hasaniyyah Arabic College, Udugoda)
  10. Marhoom Moulavi Falil O.L.M. Ibraheem Al-Bahji (Former Principal – Al-Dheeniyyah Arabic College, Panadura)
  11. Moulavi Falil M.B. Aliyar (Principal – Thableeghul Islam Arabic College, Sammanthurai)
  12. Ash Sheikh M.M.A. Mubarak Al-Gafoori, Al-Madani (Former Principal - Al-Gafooriyya Arabic College, Maharagama)