Maintenance of National security

Apr 25, 2019


Maintenance of National security

As Muslims, we are obliged to be responsible citizens and protect our motherland and maintain peace and order. We appeal to all, to cooperate with the security forces and law enforcement agencies. In particular, we strongly appeal to our sisters to be mindful of the critical emergency situation now prevalent in our country and the difficulties faced by the security officers in performing their functions in situations where the identity of a person cannot be ascertained. Hence, we advise that in the prevailing situation our sisters should not hinder the security forces in their efforts to maintain national security by wearing the face cover (Niqab).

We also recommend that all persons should carry their National identity card at all times to be produced when required by any public officer.


Ash sheikh M.L.M Ilyas

Secretary – fatwa division

All Ceylon Jamiyyathul ulama

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