Let us Pray for Tranquility and Normalcy & Work Towards Peace & Coexistence

May 19, 2017

2017.05.19 / 1438.08.22

Let us pray Allah, the Almighty for the prevalence of tranquility and normalcy in the country while striving to uphold peace and coexistence

As Muslims living in this country, we have been subjected to various trials and tribulations as evident in the history. Often times, we have overcome these trials by adhering to Islamic guidance during adversities, that are based on the etiquettes of forbearance and tolerance.

Those who have unwavering faith in Allahu Tha’ala would definitely emerge victorious from their hardships and the lives of Prophets of Allahu Tha’ala provide irrefutable testimony for this universal fact. While being patient, we also should refrain from cardinal sins whilst strengthening our connection with The Sustainer. Glorious Month of Ramadhaan that is foreclosing on us provides an excellent opportunity for this spiritual drill for believers. Without a shred of doubt, virtuous deeds of the pious would definitely ward off calamities and bring peace and prosperity to the country.     

Naturally, the Muslims & the other minorities of Sri Lanka have become despondent and restive due to the present situation prevailing in the country as certain venomous elements continue to openly lunge to provoke racism. These kinds of despicable attempts, unleashed against a peace loving communities in the country, only would undermine the development of the nation along with germinating mistrust and hostility among communities. Above all it is a clear violation of the basic rights solemnly pledged to the subjects by the very Constitution.    

However, the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama (ACJU) requests the Muslims all over the island to perform virtuous deeds such as Salah (prayer), Isthighfar (repentance), Sadaka (charity), Soum (fasting) Dua (supplication) and Sabr (patience) while reciting Kunooth An-Naazila in all the obligatory five time prayers until the commencement of Ramadhaan.    

Additionally, the ACJU requests the Ulama, professionals and intellects as well as the community leaders to make collective efforts to eliminate the racism in a peaceful manner and to create awareness among the Muslim community of the fruitfulness of being tolerant and of turning more and more towards Allahu Tha’ala rather than succumbing to emotions and resorting to materialistic efforts. 

Let us all peace loving Sri Lankans strive towards strengthening bonds of peace & coexistence of this Nation.  

May Allahu Tha’ala overwhelm the evil agendas of the villainous elements and bless all the communities to live in peace and harmony.


Ash-Sheikh H. Omardeen      

Secretary - Propagation Division

All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama

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