The Ambassador of the State of Palestine in Sri Lanka, H.EZuhair Mohammad Hamdallah Zaid, visited the ACJU Head office for a special meeting with Ash Shaikh Mubarak and Ash Shaikh Thassim of the Executive Committee of ACJU on the 18th of January 2017.The consequences on the plan of the new U.S.President Donald Trump, to move the US Embassy in Israel, from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was discussed at the meeting.

2017.01.09 / 1438.04.09

Message of Condolence on the Demise of Justice C.G. Weeramantry

The All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama delivers this message with the deepest sympathies on the demise of Sri Lankabhimanya Christopher Gregory Weeramantry.

Justice C.G. Weeramantry, stands out as the most respected Sri Lankan jurist of highest eminence in the international arena. His judgments, writings and other scholarly deliberations have been immensely enlightening.

He authored "Islamic Jurisprudence: An International Perspective" which was a timely contribution towards the mutual understanding and harmony among the diverse communities and nations of the world. The misconception of Islam in today’s world is rightly understood long before and very much dealt with by Justice Weeramantry.

In his book “Islamic Jurisprudence – An International Perspective” states that, ‘Although the Islamic system of jurisprudence is one of the best developed and most adequate system in the world, very little is known about it by Western law students.  The average law course does not contain even a slight exposure to the richness of Islamic legal thoughts and the average law graduate passes out with no knowledge of it whatsoever’.

Justice Weeramantry also valued the significance of the separation of powers in the Islamic civilization where the judiciary is completely independent of political authority and the judges are placed in a much distinguished and higher position as against the ruler. Justice Weeramantry has also aptly named one of his books dealing with environmental issues after the Qur’anic verse epitomizing a universal message to mankind,”Tread Lightly on Earth”.

The ACJU and the Muslim Community extends its sincere condolences to his family and friends. Due honor to this great personality could be paid by at least studying and understanding his publications, which reflects of his profoundly genuine insight.


Ash-Sheikh M.M.A. Mubarak

General Secretary
All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama




False Messages being circulated about ACJU and Ali Sabri PC

This is a clarification of the false message being circulated on Social Media about ACJU and President’s Counsel Ali Sabry. The ACJU denounces the contents of the referred Message and condemns such acts that are conspired to create disunity among the community.

President’s Counsel Ali Sabry has himself thus clarified the distorted facts as follows:-

Quote - "Message from Ali Sabry regarding Facebook posts that says ACJU requests Ali Sabry PC to defend an Extremist Organization. This is absolutely false. I have never appeared for BBS. I appeared in a case when police filed action against Abdul Razik (Secretary of SLTJ), for defaming the Lord Buddah saying he ate human flesh and mocked the Buddhism by saying Triple Gem (Buddah, Sanga and Damma) as three stones. I wanted to show the world all Muslims are not supporting Abdul Razik and he is misguided and his statement was against the Islam and the teaching of our Prophet. As a result we were able to defuse the tension. In the same case I asked the police to file action against Gnanasara Thero for defaming the Holy Quaran and the police subsequently did it. Hence it is absolute false to say I supported BBS". – Unquote

The ACJU requests all to refrain from circulating such false messages and requests the relevant authorities to take the necessary steps to prevent similar activities.

Ash Sheikh Fazil Farook
Secretary - ACJU Media 

22.11.2016 / 21.02.1438

Meeting with Muslim Parliamentarians

The All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama (ACJU) met the Muslim Organizations on 20.11.2016 and discussed about the current situation prevailing in the country. In that meeting various Organizations participated and discussed on issues raising against the Muslim community and arrived at resolutions on various issues. As the first stage of these resolutions it was decided to meet the Muslim Parliamentarians on 21.11.2016 at the ACJU Head Office.

As per the resolution taken yesterday (on 21.11.2016) the ACJU met the Muslim Parliamentarians at their Head Office by 8.00 p.m. The meeting was inaugurated by Ash-Sheikh M.M.A. Mubarak, the Honorary Secretary of the ACJU. Ash-Sheikh M.I.M. Rizwe Mufthi, the Honorary President of the ACJU clarified the purpose of the gathering. While clarifying the Muslim Personal Law he said that all Muslims should repent for forgiveness for the sins and return towards Allahu Ta’ala and requested all Parliamentarians to unitedly make effort to bring back the existing uncommon situations to normalcy.

During the meeting the participated members of Parliamentarians and the representatives of Muslim organizations tabled their opinions on the above issue. Further, discussed about how to approach the reawakening of the ISIS issue and the pending cases against racism.

Further, the Members of Parliamentarians confirmed that the above subject will be taken for parliamentary discussion today on 22.11.2016. And, on 23.11.2016 they will meet Justice Minister Wijedasa Rajapakse and clarify the actual situations of the Muslims in this country. And, it was resolved that they will clarify the Joint Declaration issued by the Muslim Organizations on ISIS on 23.07.2015.

Finally, the members of Muslim Parliamentarians assured to contact the government to mitigate the current uncommon situation prevailing in the country and to find needful solutions in the Muslim Personal Law. They also assured of finding solution on the present issue in connection with ISIS matter.

2016.11.21 / 1438.02.20. (H)

Let’s pray & make effort towards the prevalence of Peace & Coexistence in this Country

We Muslims living in this country have been continuously facing a number of challenges throughout history. We have overcome such periods successfully by being calm & patient as per the teachings of Islam.

In the event of challenges, one would definitely be able to be overcome the situation successfully by turning towards Allah. This is evident from the history of Prophets. We Muslims should refrain and protect ourselves from major Sins and make sincere efforts towards strengthening the bond with Allah. Certainly, our good deeds would result in peace and prosperity to the Muslims and all others.

The current situation prevailing in the country have resulted in restlessness among the Muslim Community. Some elements have been actively engaged in continuous anti-Muslim campaigns and which induce racism.

Such activities targeted towards a community, would disrupt the prevailing peace and coexistence and affect the development process of the country and also would violate the Rights assured by the Constitution to every citizen of this Country.

The issues on ISIS, which has been widely publicized in the Media recently, has already been addressed and condemned last year by a Joint Declaration by the ACJU and 12 leading Muslim Organizations in Sri Lanka on the 23rd of July 2015. By this the Muslim community confirms that it has never recognized any sort of extremism and has proven its patriotism to the motherland.

On 20.11.2016 an emergency meeting was conducted with Muslim organizations, at the ACJU Head Office, on the prevailing situation in the country. It was decided to meet H.E. the President, Honorable Prime Minister, Muslim Parliamentarians and the concerned Officers and take appropriate actions to smoothen the situation. Furthermore a committee was appointed to continue the efforts in building better relations and coexistence with other communities.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Therefore, the ACJU requests all Muslims of this country to protect the ethnic and social unity by following the Islamic teachings and completely refrain from all activities inducing racism and to return towards Allah by performing good deeds such as Isthigfar (seeking forgiveness), Sadaqah (charity), fasting and Dua (supplications).

The ACJU requests the Religious Scholars and Professionals in the respective localities, to build and protect relations with other communities and provide guidance to the general public, based on the ACJU’s Declaration on Coexistence.


Ash-Sheikh H. Omardeen

Secretary - Propaganda Committee
All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama   

The Muslim Personal Law has been followed by the Muslim community in Sri Lanka for centuries. It is the duty of every one of us to protect these laws which has been implemented since a long period until today.

The All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama strongly opposes bringing changes in the Muslim Personal Law either due to international pressures or stimulation of any evil forces acting against the Muslims.

There is no difference in opinion to bring certain changes according to the present situation within the Shari’ah compliance. As a part of this, in 2009, a sub-committee was appointed, under the leadership of former Supreme Court Judge Saleem Marsoof, to propose amendments to the Muslim Personal Law and the final report of the sub-committee is about to be released. At this juncture, we wish to clearly state to the Government that due to any international pressures, it is not appropriate to appoint a new committee to bring amendments to the Muslim Personal Law.

To ensure that the amendments to the Muslim Personal Law are in accordance to the Islamic teachings, the Muslim religious scholars, professionals and the Muslim Parliamentarians should be actively engaged in the necessary activities. The All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama has also collaborated with the concerned parties in carrying out the needful.

Islam is a religion that encourages social reconciliation and coexistence. Islam teaches us to adopt a soft approach while rectifying evils. While taking measures to safeguard the rights, the Muslim community, should stand within the Islamic guidelines.

Failing to adhere to the teachings of Islam with regard to speech and displaying of high moral character, we will be guilty of not conveying the correct understanding of Islam to others. The ACJU strongly condemns such practices and wishes to point out that these types of extreme behaviors might lead the way towards encouraging the extremists’ programs.

Similarly, we wish to stress that the extremist activities of some people should not be taken as an example of the whole community. We, the ACJU, request the Government and all others to work towards the continuity of the unity and coexistence which the communities have been enjoying for many years in Sri Lanka.


Ash-Sheikh M.M.A. Mubarak
General Secretary
All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama

11.10.2016 (09.01.1438)

Let’s pray for Rain

Due to a severe drought in the country people are facing problem all over and it is essential for us to pray for the blessing of rain.

Whenever we face uncommon situations we should review ourselves and do Isthighar to rectify ourselves as it is the way of our Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him). By this way Allah provides forgiveness and His blessings.

Water is an essential one for human being. We understand the difficulty when there is either shortage or no water at all. Therefore, we all should repent through “Tawba” for our sins and supplicate to Allah for the removal of drought and the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama requests all in the drought affected areas to organize prayers in search of rain and recite the related Duas.

Allahu Ta’ala points out thus the advice of Prophet Nuh (Alaihissalam) to his people:

“So I said, Pray to your Lord for your forgiveness, Indeed He is Very-Forgiving, and He will cause the heavens to rain upon you in abundance, and will help you with riches and sons, and will cause gardens to grow for you, and cause rivers to flow for you.” (Nuh: 10-12)  

Some recitals of Dua by Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) at the time of supplicating for rain:  

 " اللَّهُمَّ اسْقِنا غيثًا مغيثًا مريئًا مريعًا نافعاً غَيْرَ ضارٍ، عاجِلاً غَيْرَ آجِلٍ"  - رواه أبو داود (1169)

" اللهم أغثنا ، اللهم أغثنا ، اللهم أغثنا - "  رواه مسلم (897)

 " اللهم اسق عبادك ، وبهائمك ، وانشر رحمتك وأحي بلدك الميت  - "رواه أبو داود (1176)


Ash-Sheikh H. Omardeen
Secretary - Propaganda Committee

All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama

10.12.1437 / 11.09.2016

Clarification on the ACJU’s Stand on Women Wearing Face-cover

Out of all sub-committees of the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama (ACJU), the Fatwa Committee plays a very important role. This committee consists of all organizations representing Ahlus Sunnath Wal Jama’ath available in the whole country and there are more than thirty committee members comprising senior scholars experienced in the application of Islamic Jurisprudence, Degree-holders in Islamic jurisprudence, principals of Arabic Colleges and senior lecturers/professors in Shari’ah Education.

This committee meets either once a month or according to the need of the Fatwa matters and research on issues, and, finally release the Fatwa. Based on this the Fatwa on Women Wearing face-cover was released in 2009.

The opinion delivered on the concerned Fatwa was the clear stand of the ACJU. However, on subjects having differences in opinion, one has the right and freedom to follow the opinion that one is convinced with. Another with a difference of opinion has the right and freedom to follow the opinion he/ she is convinced on, and it is advised that no one should interfere/degrade the differing opinion of another person. This is the stand of the ACJU’s in its statement issued on Unity Declaration dated 18.08.2009.

Furthermore, the present controversy over the women wearing face-cover arose due to a statement made on 19.07.2016 on a TV program stating:  “the women’s face-cover was not an Islamic ruling and was a wrong opinion” that was said to be quoted from the series of “Social Dialog” books written on Hijab.

The concerned book was written clarifying the Muslims’ Dress Code, when there was a hue & cry claiming that there was no Niqab in Islam, it is an Arabic culture, a security threat and so on, the ACJU wrote this book justifying that Niqab is an Islamic dress, there is no threat to security and it is the right of women who are in the opinion that face-cover is ‘wajib’ for women. And the concerned TV program had many useful discussion on the need of the day which could be appreciated. However, the ACJU wishes to confirm with responsibility that opinion mentioned regarding the Hijab in the above TV program was not stated in the concerned book of the ACJU.

Today, the ‘Niqab – Hijab’ subject has become the talk of the day, and it can be observed that debating on the subject has created a gap among the concerned groups.

The All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama has been carrying forward the efforts on the social unity and coexistence with so many challenges and carefully guiding the Muslim society. Alhamdulillah!

Therefore, the ACJU has planned to conduct a seminar on Niqab and Hijab very soon for clarity and understanding on the subject.

This seminar will be conducted in cooperation with the Council for Cooperation & Coordination and Fatwa division of the ACJU. Suitably qualified Professionals and Religious scholars will be given the opportunity of presenting their clarification on Niqab and Hijab. The final date of presenting their clarification on Niqab & Hajab, venue, date of event and further details will be informed very soon.


Ash Sheikh M.L.M. Ilyas

Secretary. Fatwa Committee
All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama

ACJU curbs the tension at Thihariya

A team of Representatives from the ACJU rushed to Thihariya, on an official visit, following an uproar between the people of the Thihariya Grand Mosque and the people of Masjid Aboobuker, pertaining to the inauguration of Jumu’ah at Masjid Aboobucker, on 2016.08.26.

The team discussed individually with members of the ACJU Thihariya Branch, the trustees of Thihariya Grand Mosque, the prominent personalities of the Masjid locality, along with the trustees of Aboobucker Masjid and Jami’uth Thowheed, amicably and in detail.

After investigating on the incident, some consultations were forwarded to safeguard the unity and reconciliation of the concerned people. As the next step arrangements are made to invite all concerned in the incident for a discussion at the ACJU Head Office, Colombo.

Ash Sheikh Mufthi Rizwe, President of ACJU and other members of the Executive Committee, participated at a Multi-Religious leaders Meeting which was chaired by H.E. President Maithripala Sirisena, on the 25th of February at the Presidential Secretariat. President Sirisena agreed on the proposal on an Inter-religious Advisory Committee which was taken into discussions.