01. An urgent meeting was held at ACJU head office on 5th of March with the participation of ACJU Executive Committee Members.

02. A meeting was held with the Hon. Prime Minister and IGP on 5th of March at the Prime Minister’s Office and requested to take immediate action to control the situation.

03. ACJU Kandy Branch visited Digana and other affected areas and requested the Muslims not to act violently when taking the Janaza of the deceased brother Abdul Basith.

04. ACJU issued a statement of guidance to the Muslim community to take precautions and self-defense while turning toward almighty Allah with Dua, Istigfar, Salah and patience.
- Special Media Communique from ACJU
- அகில இலங்கை ஜம்இய்யத்துல் உலமாவின் விஷேட ஊடக அறிக்கை

05. ACJU Executive Committee members and other Muslim organization representatives met the former president on 6th of March and requested him to put an effort to normalize the prevailing unrest situation.

06. On 6th of March, ACJU called an urgent Executive Committee meeting in which decided to form an action committee with the participation of all other Islamic movements. Muslim Ministers were also contacted and requested to pressure the government to take action and control the racist activities. Furthermore an Executive Committee member was appointed to coordinate with the Prime Minister's office and IGP office to inform the ground situations and to deploy police and forces for the protection of Muslims.

07. On 7th of March ACJU had a meeting with all the Muslim organizations and decided to issue a joint statement and form an action committee to coordinate other works and arrange a help desk for coordination.
 - Joint Statement of Muslim Organizations
முஸ்லிம் அமைப்புகளின் கூட்டறிக்கை

08. ACJU along with other Muslim Organizations met the H.E. President and requested him to take immediate action in order to prevent the racist attacks spreading to other areas.

09. On 8th of March ACJU guided the Khateebs and trustees on conducting Jumma with precautions.
 - Important Announcement from ACJU
ஜும்மா தொடர்பான முக்கிய அறிவித்தல்

10. ACJU released a statement of guidance to the Arabic colleges and parents on how to act in this situation.

11. ACJU conducted several meetings with influential people such as UN representatives and ambassadors of other countries to pressure the government for action.

12. ACJU has come forward to help the victims of the turmoil against the Muslim community and requested public to contribute in this regard.
 - Let’s help those affected by turmoil against Muslim Community
 - கலவரத்தால் பாதிக்கப்பட்டவர்களுக்கு உதவுவோம்

13. ACJU responded to several media to give guidelines for the Muslim community. Further the president of ACJU addressed the community on SLBC on 8th of March.
- Video Link

14. The president of ACJU issued a special message to the victims of the turmoil and for the Muslim community regarding the current issue on the 9th of March.
- Video Link 

15. ‎ACJU representatives including the president, general secretary and treasurer visited the affected areas on 10th and 11th of March.
- Video Link 

16. ACJU formed KRCC (Kandy Relief Coordinating Centre) along with Kandy City Jamiyyathul Ulama, Kandy City Masjid Federation, Kandy Muslim Traders Association, The Young Friends and few other organizations in order to coordinate the relief activities.
- Video Link

17. Representatives of ACJU Social Service Division along with the KRCC and the people of the affected area are taking assessments of losses in the affected areas since 12th of March until this date.

19. Action Committee appointed by the ACJU conducted a Strategic Planning Session to promote peaceful coexistence in the country on 12th of March.

19. ACJU requested the victims to lodge the complaints to the police station in order to get the government reliefs officially 14th of March.
 - தமது சேதங்களுக்கான பொலிஸ் முறையீடுகளை அவசரமாக பதிவு செய்யுங்கள்

20. ACJU strongly condemned the attack on Ash Sheik Sadhakathulla on 14th of March.
- மௌலவி சதகத்துல்லாஹ் தாக்கப்பட்டதை அகில இலங்கை ஜம்இய்யத்துல் உலமா வன்மையாக கண்டிக்கிறது




Since the recent times there has been a turmoil against the Muslim community by the racists on several areas in the country, causing loss of lives and damages to Masjids and Muslims’ properties said to be valued at many millions of Rupees.

All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama also requests all its District and Divisional Branches to get into action in order to support the victims of the situation, while requesting the Trustees of Masjids and others to cooperate with them.

Those who wish to contribute through the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama are requested to deposit their funds to the following Bank account. We request the Trustees of Masjids to collect the relief funds in cash on the forthcoming Fridays and deposit to the following Bank account. (Please inform us via 0117-490490 after depositing the fund).



A/C  NO 1901005000







A/C  NO 0010112110014







Ash-Shaikh M.M.A. Mubarak
General Secretary
All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama



Considering the prevailing situation of the country All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama request the Muslim Community to strictly adhere to the below etiquettes on the day of Jumuah, 09th March 2018.

  1. We urge the Muslim Community to take all precautionary measures to protect Masjids, Houses and Business premises in the locality. Those who are involved in protecting the aforesaid properties can pray Luhar instead of Jumuah since for them Jumuah Salah will not be compulsory.
  2. If Jumuah is conducted in more than two masjids, the timings of Jumuah prayers can be adjusted by the board of trustees, if required.
  3. We request the Muslim Community to corporate pleasantly with security forces who are deployed to safeguard the Muslims and its properties.
  4. We request Khateebs to conclude the Khutuba and Jumuah Salah within 25 minutes and to conduct the Jumuah as per the guidelines stated by ACJU.
  5. Due to these unforeseen incidents, Muslim Community in our country is in deep grief, hence we urge Khateebs to conduct the Jumuah Kuthaba in a manner that will not provoke their sentiments and speak words that would comfort and bring confidence in them.
  6. We request Muslim Community to turn towards Almighty Allah and indulge in Dua, Isthigfhar, Sadaka and Fasting in order to bring a peaceful situation to the local and international Muslim Community.
  7. Since Emergency law has been imposed in the country we earnestly request the Muslim Community to disperse peacefully soon after Jumuah.


Ash-Shaikh Ilyas Mahmood

Secretary - Fatwa Division

All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama


In the light of the prevailing circumstances in the country, a meeting of Muslim organizations held today, 07 March 2018 under the leadership of All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama.

Pursuant to this meeting, it was agreed to constitute a Representative Coordinating Committee to handle the crisis situation faced by the community. In that contaxt we immediately contacted the high officials of the country like H.E. President, Hon. Prime Minister, Muslim Ministers and Defense Officials to take forward the needful actions. The resolutions taken unanimously at this meeting given below:

  1. In this critical situation, the Muslim community without giving up, fearlessly, with your own self-protection shall act farsightedly.
  2. Whatever critical situation arises, the Muslim community is expected to keep up their connection with Allahu Ta’ala with Thawakkul, Dua, Isthigfar, fasting and patience.
  3. As the citizens of this country the government is liable to protect the lives and properties of the Muslim community, and therefore, we shall insist the government democratically and by any other ways respecting the law and order of the country.
  4. Since Emergency Law is prevailing at the moment Muslim community is requested to know its legal consequences and act accordingly.
  5. At this tensed situation, whatever information is received try to be alert on its truthfulness and think over the repercussions before sharing to others.
  6. All are requested to cooperate with the respective leaders of the region where a violence may crop up.
  7. Most of the people in this country like to live in religious harmony and coexistence, and therefore, you are requested to know this reality and determine to live together unitedly like in the past.

“Hasbunallahu wani’mal wakeel”

Allah is fully sufficient for us, and the best One in whom to trust.


  1. ACJU- All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama
  2. NSC - National Shoora Council
  3. MCSL – Muslim Council of Sri Lanka
  4. Quadiriyathun Nabaviyyah Thareeqa
  5. CDMF – Colombo District Masjid Federation
  6. Thableeg Jamath
  7. Jamate Islami
  8. Jamathus Salama
  9. UTJ – United thawheed Jamath
  10. ARC- Advocacy and Reconciliation Council
  11. ISRC – Islamic Relief Committee
  12. YMMA – Young Men’s Muslim Association
  13. AMYS – Association of Muslim Youth of Sri Lanka
  14. Muslim Media Forum
  15. DMMF
  16. KDMF
  17. NIDA

06.03.2018 (17.06.1439)


Yesterday (on 05.03.2018) there was a sudden turmoil arose in Digana and Teldeniya areas at the proximity to Kandy, causing loss of lives and properties valued at many millions of Rupees.

Religious Scholars have been making a tremendous effort to prevent this situation while informing the Government Authorities and prominent people with political pressures. All have been working hard to control the adverse situation.

The Representatives of the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama met the Honorable Prime Minister and had a discussion on this matter. Meanwhile, the Kandy District Branch of ACJU have been making arrangements to advise and provide help for needy people. The prominent people and Branch Representatives of Kandy District have been carrying forward this work visiting the field. In the meantime, the Arabic College students and the public were guided to concentrate on Dua.

At this situation we shall not take part in any matter worsening the situation that might cause spreading the turmoil to other places. We shall constantly keep making Dua for the mercy and help of Allah.  Further, the victims or their supporters shall try to document the losses caused by this turmoil, which can be helpful for taking legal actions. Muslims are not expected to take law into their hands. But, you may confirm your self-defense to safeguard yourselves at the time of any attack. The ACJU requests all prominent people in a locality, Masjid Board of Trustees and Branches of the ACJU, together with the public, to cooperate with the ACJU to implement as mentioned above.

It is wise to stop talking ill of any leaders when they are in the process of solving this uncommon turmoil into a control being at different locations. Meanwhile the ACJU requests to get rid of sharing doubtful or false messages received from unknown people.

The All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama fraternally requests all to submit your prayers for the blessings of Allah for us to live as a united people in this country; avoiding all sorts of hostility in the hearts of others on Muslims.



Ash-Shaikh M.M.A Mubarak

General Secretary - ACJU

2018.01.22 / 1439.05.04 (H)

Guidelines from ACJU with regard to Local Government Elections:

To the Attention of Voters and Candidates!

We believe that we have the moral obligation to put forward certain disciplinary guidelines to be strictly followed by the voters and the candidates. First of all we would like to remind the voters that using the ballots is an opportunity of contributing towards the great service of building our nation: and this should be the perspective of the Elections.

It is not overstating if we say through the anticipated Local Government Elections a great opportunity is given to the people to build a political culture based on the dimensions of our motherland and putting up a foundation for the good-governance. In the Islamic perspective balloting in election is similar to offering Shafa’ah, which means recommending, Waqalah which is offering accountability and above all it is a Shahadah which means to bear testimony.  

The voters shall adopt the following guidelines:

  • Our ballots shall be casted to candidates devoid of fraudulent activities and to those who bear excellent moral character.
  • We shall confirm that one who receives our ballots should be a patriotic and a social worker, having the feeling of developing his locality.
  • Voters’ selection shall be one who shall feel that he is undertaking a great service for the people: and not one desires for designation and use politics for making money.
  • Candidates violating the country’s law and order should be rejected.
  • Candidates making efforts inducing ethnic violence and religious hatred speeches during their propaganda activities should be rejected from selection.
  • Criticizing other political parties, and other candidates, humiliating with indecent behavior are all not suitable to be selected.

Political Parties for Local Government elections and their candidates are expected to follow the election guidelines given below:

  • Your expectation shall be good governance in our motherland shall be bloomed, all communities and people of all faiths shall live together unitedly with peace and harmony, the country shall develop in all criteria and progress as fast as possible. This way you shall shine as a model of a good governance, which is our sole expectation.
  • You all shall keep in mind that Position is not only a blessing, but, an Amanath (a Trust), too. In your private life, family life, and social life you must carefully maintain spiritual and moral good qualities.
  • With praiseworthy characteristics like simplicity, sacrifice and dedication a Muslim’s activities shall be witnessing Islam and Muslim community being Muslim candidates and Islamic leaders.
  • You shall not get involved in power abuse and any nefarious activities. On contrary, follow just and fair positions at all situations.
  • You shall guaranty that through any of your actions or activities you may not cause injustice to any individual or groups.
  • Similarly when speaking of the rights of your own community you shall follow a civilized etiquette to avoid hurting other brothers’ feelings.

Finally, at all situations let us fear Allah, the Almighty. May Allah be satisfied with all our good efforts!

Ash-Shaikh A.C. Agar Mohamed
Deputy President / In-charge of Political Division
All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama


Media Release

The American President Trump’s decision in recognizing Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel is an illegitimate decision contradicting the international laws and resolutions, and violating the sanctity of the holy city of Jerusalem. We, All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama, on behalf of Sri Lankan Muslim community, strongly denounce this illegitimate decision.

This decision is refused and will be resisted by all the Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims across the world. Jerusalem (Bait Al-Maqdis) is a sacred city for both Muslims and Christians, which is the united capital of Palestine. Historically, it has been the first Qibla, and the third most sacred mosque of Muslims.

We, Sri Lankan Muslims, stand firm in supporting the Palestinians in their continuous struggle for free Palestine and request the Arab Nations to support them in achieving this cause.

May Allah, the Almighty help to liberate their homeland and establish their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.



Ash-Shaikh M.M.A. Mubarak
General Secretary - ACJU


2017.11.10 (1439.02.21)

ACJU's Meeting with RRT

A special discussion between the members of the ACJU Executive Committee and the RRT Organization, headed by Lawyer Shiraz Noordeen, was held on the 09th of November, in which many contemporary issues were discussed.

It was decided that the RRT organization shall continue to work with ACJU as in the past, with understanding & cooperation, for the betterment of the community.

Ash Shaikh Mufti Rizwe - President of ACJU, Ash Shaikh Mubarak - General Secretary of ACJU, Ash Shaikh Agar Muhammad - Deputy President of ACJU, Ash Shaikh Thassim - Asst. Secretary of ACJU participated in this discussion.

Media Division - ACJU

The All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama Education Division, with the coordination of the Federation of Sri Lanka Arabic Colleges jointly conducted a four months’ Arabic College Teacher Training Course through the Open University of Sri Lanka.

A Certificate Awarding Ceremony for those successfully completed the training course took place today, 2017.11.09, at the Auditorium of the Open University of Sri Lanka, Nawala.

The Ceremony commenced at 10.00 a.m. with Qirath and the Welcome Speech was addressed by Dr.S. Kugamoorthy, the Head of Secondary & Tertiary Education of the Colombo Open University said   that it was an achievement of the Education Faculty for producing such a training course for the Religious Scholars.

While Professor P.C.P. Jaufer, the Head of Education Faculty, was addressing presented some explanations on the Teaching Methodology and advised the Scholars on certain guidelines in teaching.

The Guest Speaker was Ash-Sheikh Mufti M.I.M. Rizwe, the President of the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama, while speaking said all Scholars should step forward in different types of professional courses. He further said that all the activities of All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama were carried forward in developing unity, coexistence along with good education.

Following the address of the President, Certificates and monuments were awarded. Finally, Dr. F. M. Nawastheen completed the Ceremony with vote of thanks. Ash-Sheikh M.M.A. Mubarak, General Secretary and Ash-Sheikh M.S.M. Thassim, Asst. Secretary of All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama also glorified the event.

This is a historical event that basically develops the sovereignty of the Religious Scholars. Without doubt an intellectual society could be produced in the future if different varieties of professional training courses are organized with proper planning.

ACJU - Media Division