Important Notice from ACJU

Please note that there are false messages being continuously circulated in social media platforms claiming that they are from ACJU or in the name of a top official of ACJU.

The ACJU requests the public not to believe in such unverified messages or circulate them.

All official messages of ACJU will be released under the ACJU letter head with its rubber stamp and all such messages will be shared in ACJU official media platforms.

"O ye who believe! If an evil-liver bring you tidings, verify it, lest ye smite some folk in ignorance and afterward repent of what ye did" [49:6]

According to the above verse of the Qur’an, the ACJU requests the community to refrain from spreading false messages. Please ensure that you verify each message prior to circulating them.

Ash-Shaikh A.C. Agar Mohamed

Deputy President - ACJU