13.11.2019 / 15.03.1441

Let us act with more vigilant on the day of election

We are aware that the Presidential election would be held on the November 16, 2019. As citizens of Sri Lanka it is our right to caste our vote to our preferred candidate. We therefore urge all Citizens who has obtained their voting right to utilize it by casting their votes without wasting.

All voters are requested to caste their voting to their preferred candidate as early as possible within the stipulated timing without delaying. Further provide the fullest support for the officers who are appointed on Election Duty and carry documents to produce which will prove your identity like the National Identification Card.

It is a mandatory requirement to show your identity when entering to the polling booth, hence we kindly request the women folk who wear the face cover to cooperate with the officers by opening the face cover to confirm your identity when entering the polling booth. And also to be accompanied by a Mahram when going to the polling booth. Further it is preferred to travel in vehicles as much as possible and return home without delay. This would perhaps help us to avoid any unhappy occurrence.  

After  casting  the votes, be engage in  useful activities, rather than  loitering  in the roads and public places, similarly  also engage in prayers to ensure the successful candidate to be the one who is more committed to the nation,  largely engage in  for the betterment  of the citizen, able and efficient  to devote  his best to build this nation and its citizen.

We also kindly request the Ulama, Trustees of the Masjids and Divisional branches of the ACJU, to advise and provide corrective guidance on above to the general public.


Note: We also kindly request the Trustees of Masjid to read this statement after the Jumuah Prayers.


Al Sheikh A.C.Agar Mohamed

Deputy Chairman,

All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama


10.11.2019 / 12.03.1441

The All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama (ACJU) is pleased to release this special statement to commemorate the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (SalallahuAlaihiWaSallam) which was a blessing to the entire mankind.

The Arabic month of Rabeeunil-Awwal is a very significant month for the entire mankind. This is the month of blessing in which Prophet Muhammad (SalallahuAlaihiWaSallam) was born to enlighten the humanity to the right path.

The word ‘Rabeeun’ denotes the season of spring. The season of spring brings greenery, beauty and splendor to the earth. Similar to the season of spring, the birth of Prophet Muhammad (SalallahuAlaihiWaSallam) brought prosperity, success, happiness, peace and contentment to humanity.

It was an era in which a severe drought prevailed in the spiritual and secular life of the entire humankind in the world. The earth was in a desperate need of an arrival of a new spring. And it was Prophet Muhammad (SalallahuAlaihiWaSallam) who was the bearer of this new season of spring to humanity.

The teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SalallahuAlaihiWaSallam) carries the sense of value, true and real meaning of life on this world which would fill in the spiritual vacuum with peace and tranquility which is an essential requirement in the world, today. And these teachings are definitely potential enough to create a renewed world.

While commemorating the final Messenger of Allah on this special day, it is binding upon the Muslims to bear witness by following and adhering to the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (SalallahuAlaihiWaSallam) on the values of humanity, love, kindness, affection, coexistence and working towards the wellbeing of the people.

We sincerely wish and pray on this special day, that our motherland is blessed with peace, harmony and prosperity.


Mufti M.I.M. Rizwe   

President – ACJU      


Ash Shaikh M.M.A. Mubarak  

General Secretary – ACJU    


Ash Shaikh A.C. Agar Mohamed                                 

Deputy President – ACJU                                     




08th October 2019


Please note that a false message as “Safety Alert FOR MUSLIMS” is being circulated in social media platforms claiming that it is from ACJU.

The ACJU requests the public not to believe in such unverified messages or circulate them.

All official messages of ACJU will be released under the ACJU letter head with its official seal and shall be published in the website of ACJU – www.acju.lk.

“O you who believe, if a sinful person brings you a report, verify its correctness, lest you should harm a people out of ignorance, and then become remorseful on what you did.” [Surah 49 Verse 6]

According to the above verse of the Qur’an, the ACJU requests the community to refrain from spreading false messages. Please ensure that you verify each message prior to circulating them.


Ash Shaikh M.M.A. Mubarak 

General Secretary - ACJU

Media Release

Feb 18, 2020


Media Release

As everybody is aware, the country is going through a very traumatic period with lots of mistrust and misunderstanding amongst the ethnic and religious groups. This has affected the especially the Muslim community more than any others.

In this regard the initiatives taken by the Respected Venerable Maha Sangha is highly commendable. It should be noted that throughout the history of this Country, the Maha Sangha have played a very key role in bringing about Peace and Unity amongst the people of this country.

At a press conference held on 05.06.2019, they very clearly mentioned that they have no hatred or enmity towards the Muslims and called upon all citizens of the country to work towards reconciliation and build a United Sri Lanka.

From our side we would like to mention that the Ulama and the Muslim community were always against any form of Terrorism and were in the forefront to notify the Government about the dangers of certain groups and individuals.

The ultimate motive of such terrorist activities was to weaken the Country by bringing about distrust within the citizens. As Sri Lankans all of us should hold hands together and come forward to overcome and eliminate any form of Terrorism, Extremism and Racism in the country and to build a peaceful nation where each and every citizen enjoys their rights and contributes to the development of our Motherland.

We pray that Allah will bless our Motherland and shower Peace and Prosperity among all communities.


Ash-Shaikh M.M.M Murshid

Assistant Secretary - ACJU

2019.05.28 (1440.09.22)



Considering the prevailing situation in the country the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama requests the Muslim community to adhere to the following guidelines pertaining to Eid-ul-Fitr.

  1. All Muslims are requested to celebrate the Eid-Ul-Fitr on the day, based on the collective decision taken by Colombo Grand Masjid, ACJU and the Department of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs.
  1. Due to the prevailing situation in the country, performing Eid Salaah in playgrounds or such public areas should be avoided, and prayers should be offered only within Masjids.
  1. Traveling by vehicles for Eid prayers should be avoided. In unavoidable circumstances, if required to travel by vehicle, it is recommended to travel collectively rather than traveling individually.
  1. Masjid Trustees should make necessary security arrangements by coordinating with the respective Police Stations.
  1. Considering the situation of the victims of the recent terrorist and mob attacks during the last few weeks, Muslims are requested to observe Eid celebrations in a very simple manner, to share the special dishes prepared for the occasion with neighbors and the needy, to refrain from unnecessary luxury and extravagance, and to engage in efforts to provide possible assistance to those victims who are affected.
  1. Females are requested to refrain from going out for Eid related shopping activities as much as possible and to get their purchasing done by the males.


May Allah accept all our Ibadaah and Good Deeds during this Month of Ramadhaan, restore normalcy and bestow peace and prosperity in our Motherland.




Ash-Shaikh H. Omardeen

Secretary – ACJU Propagation Division 

23.05.2019 (17.09.2019)

Guidance with regard to last ten days of Ramadhaan

Considering the current situation in the Country, The All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama urges the Muslim Community to follow below mentioned guidelines with regard to last ten days of the Holy Month of Ramadhaan.

  1. Please involve yourself in abundant Ibadath during these days and make special Dua to ease the situation.
  2. Regarding Security of the Masjid and your locality, Masjid Trustees and responsible persons together are requested to discuss with the Police and other security authorities to make necessary security arrangements.
  3. Involving in unnecessary activities such as playing games on the streets and behaving in a manner which will cause hindrance for others should be completely avoided.
  4. Ibadath during the last ten nights, especially the 27th night, should be done with consideration of the situation of the locality. All these arrangements should be concluded within a period of time.
  5. In areas where it is safe and suitable to conduct the night prayers, arrangements should be made with the assistance of respective area Police.
  6. Those who intend to perform I’thikaf should take the situation of the locality into consideration and obtain the approval from the local police station through respective Masjids.
  7. It is advisable to refrain from performing I’thikaf in areas where safety is a concern.

May Almighty Allah accept all our good deeds performed during this Ramadhaan and bring peace and prosperity to our Motherland.



Ash Shaikh H. Omardeen

Secretary – ACJU Propagation Division

21st May 2019


21st April 2019 brings to mind the horrific terrorist attacks committed on innocents praying in their churches and partaking in breakfast in hotels on Easter Sunday. We, ACJU, on behalf of the Muslim Civil Societies and the Muslim Community, reiterate our vehement condemnation of the vicious attacks carried out by those terrorists who called themselves Muslims.

We have been the first council of Theologians in the world who condemned the Islamic State (IS), their ideology and their code of conduct in 2014. We still denounce this terrorist group and wish to reiterate that there is no place in Islam for any type of extremism or violence, and that they cannot be true adherents of Islam or call themselves Muslim, given the ideology and practice they promote.

Muslims have lived harmoniously with their brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka for over 1000 years. The inhuman and cowardly acts of a few terrorists in the name of Islam only helps the Muslim community to stand stronger together with all Sri Lankans, and work towards defeating the agenda of dividing Sri Lankans and creating disharmony within communities. It is imperative that the Muslim community, comes together to strengthen relations and work towards building trust between our brothers and sisters of every faith and race. Towards this, the ACJU would like to request the Muslim Community and the Masjid Trustees, to implement the following for meaningful integration and peaceful coexistence between communities in Sri Lanka.

  • Strengthen and implement the concept of Harmony centers in each Masjid, as introduced by the ACJU in 2017.
  • Open your Masjids, Madrasas and Maktabs for all communities to visit and share values.
  • Implement Masjid based projects to guide youth to become responsible citizens of our country.
  • Masjids should be responsible for the Imam who conducts sermons and the contents of the sermons. While their sermons provide Islamic guidance, they should promote values of peaceful coexistence, and being good and productive citizens with values and morals. The Masjids should only permit recognized, qualified religious leaders to deliver sermons. Their accreditation should be verified with ACJU.
  • The Muslim Community should cooperate with the Law enforcement authorities, military and defense establishments to help maintain law and order, and to help the security establishments to weed out all terrorists from our soil.

We remind the Muslim community to pray for those effected and their families in this difficult time, and to pray for a peaceful Sri Lanka.


Mufti M.I.M. Rizwe                                                                         Ash-Shaikh A.C.M. Agar Mohamed  

President – ACJU                                                                               Honorary Deputy President


16.05.2019 (10.09.1440)

Let’s help those affected by turmoil against Muslim Community

The Muslim community in Kurunegala, Gampaha and Putlam districts have been attacked by the racists which has caused loss of lives and damages to Masjids and Muslims’ properties said to be valued at many millions of Rupees.

All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama also requests all its District and Divisional Branches to get into action in order to support the victims who have been affected due to this carnage, while requesting the Trustees of Masjids and others to cooperate with them.

Those who wish to contribute through the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama are requested to deposit their funds to the following Bank account. We request the Trustees of Masjids to collect the relief funds in cash on the forthcoming Fridays and deposit to the following Bank account. (Please send the deposit slip to ACJU WhatsApp Number 0776-185353 and collect the receipt).





A/C  NO 1901005000







A/C  NO 0010112110014






Ash-Shaikh H. Omardeen
Secretary – Propagation Division
All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama

14.05.2019 (08.09.1440)


Considering the crisis that has been prevailing in the country the last few days, All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama along with all other Muslim Civil groups have come together and initiated many steps to handle the situation. In relation to this a Representative Group consisting of various Islamic, and Muslim Civil groups has been formed.

Direct interaction with the Higher Officials of the country like the President, Prime Minister and Defense Personals have been made to implement the purpose of the above mentioned collective Representative Group.

It was brought to the notice of everyone of us that the entire Muslim Community as One Body Condemned and rejected the inhuman and barbaric terrorist attacks of 21.04.2019 while extending their fullest co-operation to facilitate Security measures. While Islam gravely condemns such inhuman acts, none could hold the entire Muslim Community responsible for the terrorism of a few mislead persons. Citing this and regarding all Muslims as offenders, harassing them and causing damage to their then and their property is not justifiable in any way.

All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama requests the Muslims of this country to adhere to the following guidelines during this critical period:

  1. However unjust the situation be, Muslims should maintain a strong bond with Allah while being steadfast in Ibadahs like salah, fasting, twakkul,, dua and istig’far.
  2. During this dilemma, Muslims should consider the social welfare of everyone, be calm, vigilant and be far-sighted.
  3. As citizens of this Country, the state is responsible for the safety of the Muslim community and their property. We should all emphasize this to the government. Further, all Muslims should obey the law and order while being vigilant.
  4. Respect and follow the declared state of Emergency at all times.
  5. Verify the authenticity of information shared through social media before you share them with other. Also consider the consequences of sharing such information.
  6. Whatever the unjust situation you may be in, you need to obey the officials of the respective departments.
  7. Considering the unrest situation in the country, recite qunoot e naazila in the five daily prayers, and recite the brief duas provided by the Jamiyyah.
  8. As majority of the Sri Lankans wish to maintain friendly communal and social relationships, we need to interact with them in harmony and peace like in the past.
  9. Communicate with the religious and social leaders of your respective areas to maintain peace and order.

 Ash-Sheikh A.C.M. Agar Mohamed 

Deputy President - ACJU


Media Release - 12th May 2019

Statement issued by the ACJU with regard to incident that occurred in Chilaw, today

We are shocked to hear of the unfortunate incident in Chilaw today. At a time when we are grieving over the barbaric attack on Easter Sunday, it is imperative to be sharing the sadness around. We cannot but help the suspicions and resentments people have to each other especially directed at our communities. So we take the opportunity to appeal for peace and patience from all and we call upon the members of the Muslim communities to be more patient and guard your actions and avoid unnecessary postings or hosting on social media. We condemn the acts that lead to the disturbance in Chilaw. Peace and Patience however difficult is the only way in which we can weed out the terrorist from our motherland.

Ash-Shaikh M.M.M. Murshid
Asst. Secretary - All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama

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