‘Relief Aid’ project to support those who are affected by Covid-19

Jun 04, 2021

04th June 2021

A special ‘Relief Aid’ project carried out by the ACJU District and Divisional Branches to support those who are affected by Covid-19

Let us acquire the Mercy of Allah by helping the poor and all those who are facing difficulties to fulfil their daily needs due to the impact of Coivd-19.

The current difficult situation prevailing in our country is well known. Some areas have been completely locked down and travel restrictions have been imposed around the country. In such circumstances, it is saddening to witness many people, especially those who are daily wagers, undergoing severe difficulties in fulfilling their daily essentials.

Therefore, considering the current situation the ACJU has launched a special ‘Relief Aid Project’ which will be carried out through the ACJU District and Divisional Branches, to provide possible assistance in fulfilling the needs of those affected. The introduction session of this project was conducted online via Zoom on the 03rd of June.

There are 162 District and Divisional Branches of ACJU island-wide. Under each of these Branches, a Relief Coordinating Center is to be formed. Guidance has been provided to all ACJU Branches on assisting those of dire needs in the respective localities, especially those who are facing difficulties in acquiring their daily meals.

Those who are in severe difficulties could contact the hotline assigned by the local ACJU Branch, and inform their requirement for meals, upon which the respective Relief Coordinating Center shall make necessary efforts to fulfill the requirements. Furthermore, those who wish to extend their support for this noble cause, could also contact the assigned hotline of the respective Relief Coordinating Center and make arrangements for their contributions.

Moreover, the ACJU wishes to express its sincere appreciation to all the Masjid Federations and voluntary organizations around the country who are already engaged in these noble efforts and kindly requests them to continue their good work.

There are many Hadith quoting various virtues for those who engage in efforts to feed those in hunger. Let us strive to acquire these virtues by utilizing these crucial times of need.

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