Our prayers and thoughts are with the Christian community

Apr 02, 2021

Ref: ACJU/NGS/2021/049

02nd April 2021


Our prayers and thoughts are with the Christian community

On this Good Friday and Easter Sunday, which are very special occasions for Christians, we would like to send our prayers to the Catholic and Christian community of Sri Lanka and around the world.

Jesus (Peace be upon him) is the central focus of Christianity, one of the largest religious groups in the world. Jesus (Peace be upon him) is also considered as a Prophet in Islam and one of the great Messengers of Allah. Common ground between Muslims and Christians can be built upon shared themes on various aspects such as moral and narrative elements from the life of Jesus (Peace be upon him).

The hate that took the lives of innocent worshippers and others by the barbaric suicidal terror attacks that took place on Easter Sunday on the 21st of April 2019, was influenced by enemies of humanity. This hate seeks to silence, intimidate and bully moderate religious leaders. It also seeks to fracture the crucial alliances that have been formed to challenge it.

We vehemently condemn this inhuman cruel deed and also extend our deepest sympathies and condolences to the families of all those who lost their lives and those who were injured, and we pray to Almighty that all those who are suffering due to the loss of their loved ones, to be blessed with solace and to be compensated with all forms of good fortune in life.

We sincerely pray that the real perpetrators and masterminds should be identified and dealt with law. And justice should be meted out.

Let us all realize that it is the time for all of us to rise, beyond religious, language and regional differences, as Sri Lankans, to unite and build our nation.

May Allah protect our nation from all dangers and disasters! May he make this a garden of serenity where peace and tranquility prevails.


Ash Shaikh M. Arkam Nooramith
General Secretary - ACJU

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