ACJU’s Message of Condolence

Oct 28, 2020


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ACJU’s Message of Condolence


Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Raji’oon!


The demise of Ash Shaikh M.M.A. Mubarak, former President and current General Secretary of All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama, has left us in utter despair.


He served as the President of ACJU since 1991 to 2003, following which he was the Vice President till 2010 and finally he served as the General Secretary until his demise.


Ah Shaikh Mubarak was a prominent Islamic religious scholar of Sri Lanka who contributed immensely to the community in various aspects, especially in the field of Religious education. He served as the Principal of Gafooriyya Arabic College for 33 years, where he obtained his religious education. Further he also served as a senior lecturer in Jamiah Naleemiah while contributing as an advisory member to various Religious institutions of Sri Lanka.


The loss of this great writer, captivating orator as well as a dedicated Da’ee of Islam is indeed an irreversible, particularly for the Muslim community of Sri Lanka. We pray that Allah consoles and bestows peace and tranquility upon his family, relatives, friends and acquaintances.


We request everyone to pray for Shaikh Mubarak for Forgiveness, Mercy and eternal deliverance even though many are unable to personally participate in his Janaza due to the prevailing situation in the country.


May Almighty Allah grant Forgiveness and Mercy to him and reward him with Jannathul Firdous.


Mufti M.I.M. Rizwe President

All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama

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