May 21, 2019

21st May 2019


21st April 2019 brings to mind the horrific terrorist attacks committed on innocents praying in their churches and partaking in breakfast in hotels on Easter Sunday. We, ACJU, on behalf of the Muslim Civil Societies and the Muslim Community, reiterate our vehement condemnation of the vicious attacks carried out by those terrorists who called themselves Muslims.

We have been the first council of Theologians in the world who condemned the Islamic State (IS), their ideology and their code of conduct in 2014. We still denounce this terrorist group and wish to reiterate that there is no place in Islam for any type of extremism or violence, and that they cannot be true adherents of Islam or call themselves Muslim, given the ideology and practice they promote.

Muslims have lived harmoniously with their brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka for over 1000 years. The inhuman and cowardly acts of a few terrorists in the name of Islam only helps the Muslim community to stand stronger together with all Sri Lankans, and work towards defeating the agenda of dividing Sri Lankans and creating disharmony within communities. It is imperative that the Muslim community, comes together to strengthen relations and work towards building trust between our brothers and sisters of every faith and race. Towards this, the ACJU would like to request the Muslim Community and the Masjid Trustees, to implement the following for meaningful integration and peaceful coexistence between communities in Sri Lanka.

  • Strengthen and implement the concept of Harmony centers in each Masjid, as introduced by the ACJU in 2017.
  • Open your Masjids, Madrasas and Maktabs for all communities to visit and share values.
  • Implement Masjid based projects to guide youth to become responsible citizens of our country.
  • Masjids should be responsible for the Imam who conducts sermons and the contents of the sermons. While their sermons provide Islamic guidance, they should promote values of peaceful coexistence, and being good and productive citizens with values and morals. The Masjids should only permit recognized, qualified religious leaders to deliver sermons. Their accreditation should be verified with ACJU.
  • The Muslim Community should cooperate with the Law enforcement authorities, military and defense establishments to help maintain law and order, and to help the security establishments to weed out all terrorists from our soil.

We remind the Muslim community to pray for those effected and their families in this difficult time, and to pray for a peaceful Sri Lanka.


Mufti M.I.M. Rizwe                                                                         Ash-Shaikh A.C.M. Agar Mohamed  

President – ACJU                                                                               Honorary Deputy President

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