Utilizing Ramadhaan in the Best Manner

May 02, 2019

02.05.2019 (26.08.1440)

Utilizing Ramadhaan in the Best Manner

Allah has dignified the Month of Ramadhaan by revealing the Holy Quran in this month. This is the month of Dua and patience. And this is the month in which we Muslims, engage in several virtuous deeds eagerly and with forbearance, according to the guidance of the Ulama.

In this blessed Month, abundant Duas should be made, supplicating all our needs from the Almighty, for the prosperity of the society, and especially for the consolation of the people who were effected in the recent brutal tragedy, for quick recovery to normalcy and for prevalence of unity, peace and harmony in this country.

The following are some guidelines and advices to be adhered during Ramadhaan:

  • Engaging in the abundant recitation, understanding and practicing the teachings of the Holy Quran. 
  • By performing various Ibaadat and prayers during night, time should be utilized productively. 
  • To abide by the guidance of the Ulama, with regard to differences of opinions on religious matters and avoid causing unnecessary problems in this regard. 
  • Luxurious Iftar & Sahar (Pre-dawn meal) programs should be avoided and instead to identify the poor and the needy to give Zakath and Sadaqa (Charity). 
  • Making arrangments of Sahar and Iftar for the poor and needy. 
  • Youngsters are requested to avoid wasting time after night prayers and return to their residences as soon as possible. The parents and elders are advised to be vigilant in this regard. 
  • The volumes of the loudspeakers of Mosques should be controlled when conducting sermons and special night prayers, to ensure that the sound is inverted within the Mosque premises. 
  • To control the volumes of Radios / Televisions of residences, especially during Sahar time and thereby avoid causing hindrances to neighbors. 
  • Engaging in charitable deeds such as sharing of meals and special dishes among the neighborhood members is encouraged. 
  • Due to the prevailing situation, the women could perform Taraweeh prayers at their residences if the environment is not suitable to go to the Mosque. 
  • Those who come to Mosques in vehicles, due to unavoidable circumstances should park their vehicles without causing hindrance to others. 
  • It is better to avoid your vehicles to arrive at Masjids for night worships unless otherwise you do not disturb the pedestrians around the area.


  • With regard to implementing the above guidelines and advices all ACJU Divisional Branch members, Masjid Trustees and the Muslim community are kindly requested to cooperate.

Let us follow the above advices and guidelines and ensure to gain maximum virtues in the Holy Month of Ramadhaan.

May Almighty Allah bless and accept our prayers and bestow this country with peaceful coexistence and unity among the communities!



Ash-Shaikh H Omardeen
Secretary – ACJU Propagation Division ,
All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama

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