Guidance provided by the ACJU to be adhered in the prevailing situation in the country

Apr 24, 2019


Guidance provided by the ACJU to be adhered in the prevailing situation in the country

Assalamu Alaikum Warahmathullahi Wabarakathuhu

ACJU wishes to provide the following instructions to the Muslim community in Sri Lanka with the view of the current tense situation and in the wake of the implementation of the Emergency Law. We specially urge Masjid trustees and Imams to adhere to these instructions with utmost consideration.

  1. Only Allah could resolve to all our situations and He is our real Sustainer and only Protector. Therefore, it is important to turn towards Allah with Taubah (Repentence) & Isthigfhar (Seeking Forgiveness).
  1. ACJU appeals all the Muslims to observe fast tomorrow (25th April Thursday), to invoke blessings of Allah to institute peace and mutual understanding among all the communities living in this country and to bring about prosperity to this nation and also as a consolation to the families who lost their loved ones during the recent attacks.
  1. Those who fear that the safety of their family shall be compromised if they leave for Jumu'ah, they could offer Luhar prayers at their homes.
  1. ACJU urges the Jumu’ah Katheebs to prepare their Jumu’ah sermons on topics highlighting the fact that ‘Islam Values Lives’.
  1. Every Muslim should adhere to the rules with regard to the implementation of curfew and Emergency Law.
  2. Security of Masjids should be stepped up and special checkups should be carried out inside the Masjids and its surroundings prior to Jumu’a gatherings with special scrutiny for suspicious objects and also for movements of strange persons.
  1. To minimize traveling by vehicles for Jumu’ah and if required, it is recommended to travel collectively rather than traveling individually.
  1. To ensure to display the contact details of the owner / driver of the Vehicles, while parking them enabling immediate contact.
  1. Bags or parcels should not be brought to Masjids especially when coming for Jumu’ah.
  1. Jumu’ah sermons along with the Salaah should be confined to no more than 30 minutes.
  1. The Jumu’ah Masjid trustees to appoint appropriate personals for security during the Jumu’ah Khutbah and Prayers, who shall perform their Luhar Prayers thereafter as Jamaath.
  1. In Masjids where Jumu’ah is not conducted, trustworthy personals to be stationed for Security, and they too shall offer their Luhar Prayers with Jamaath.
  1. Children below 13 years of age should not be accompanied to the Masjid for Jumu’ah.


May Allah help prevail peace and harmony in our Motherland.


Ash Shaikh M.L.M. Ilyas

Secretary - Fatwa Committee

All Ceylon Jamiyathul Ulema   

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