Important Announcement by ACJU to the Muslim Community of Sri Lanka

Apr 22, 2019


Important Announcement by ACJU to the Muslim Community of Sri Lanka

The Muslim community of Sri Lanka strongly condemns the violent terrorist attacks that took place in our land on Sunday, the 21st of April, 2019. Islam treats the killing of one human being equal to the killing of all humanity; this brutal act has nothing to do with Islam or any other religion. We are deeply sorrowed by the loss of so many innocent lives and we share in the grief of all the effected families. ACJU urges the members of the mosques to visit the effected homes in their vicinity to extend all forms of support in this state of need.

All Muslims across the country are urged to extend their fullest support to the government to track those who responsible for this atrocious act.

ACJU urges the Muslim Community to act on the following recommendations:

  1. To extend your fullest support to the Government Security Services in its pursuit to track and identify the criminals who perpetrated this act of terror.
  2. Those residing in the neighborhoods of the effected Churches to extend their help and aid to the families of the victims and share in their sorrow.
  3. To extend our fullest co-operation by giving your time, effort and any other possible means to aid the effected families.
  4. To act with patience and restraint when engaging with our fellow brothers and sisters who are deeply grieved with this unfortunate loss of their family members.
  5. To visibly display our condemnation of the terror attack and our condolence for the bereaved by hanging a banner in all three languages outside the mosques and raising a white flag to share our solidarity.
  6. To represent the Muslims and visit during Sunday Church Mass in order to show our solidarity and unity with them against the violent terror attacks.


Ash – sheikh   H. Omardeen

Executive Member - ACJU




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