Important Notice to All Divisional and District Branches

Jun 08, 2018

2018.06.08 (1439.09.22)


May Allah accept all our good deeds and supplications in this holy month of Ramadhaan and bless all to live in unity, coexistence and reconciliation.

Fatwa Committee is one of the fifteen sub-Committees under which the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama is doing a number of services to the Muslim community of this country. In this committee, there are (43) forty three committee members with Fiqh proficiency from many different Da’wa organizations. They review the needful guidance and issue religious decree to the people in need in writing, while responding through telephone inquiries and queries on personal visits.

According to the Constitution of the ACJU, Divisional and District branches of ACJU are not authorized to issue Written Fatwa. It is mentioned as follows in Chapter 9, of Division 14, Sub-division (l):

“Instigating every necessary task to help the Jamiyya (ACJU) achieve its general objectives except issuing Fatwa rulings.”

Moreover, ACJU’s Divisional and District branches can make reviews on needful matters to their area, submit their reports and recommendations to the ACJU head office. The Fatwa committee of ACJU Head office shall review this recommendation and arrive at the final decision. This will be published in writing.

The ACJU wishes to inform all Divisional and District branches of the ACJU that any Fatwa issued in writing by ACJU’s Divisional and District branches shall not be considered as Head Office Fatwa.

Therefore, we request you kindly to cooperate with the ACJU Head Office by avoiding the issue of any Fatwas in writing through ACJU’s Divisional and District branches, while making effort to issue Fatwas through the ACJU Fatwa committee.



 Ash-Shaikh M.S.M Thasim

Asst. General Secretary

All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama

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