Ulama Training Program on Coexistence

May 25, 2017

CCC Ulama Training Program


The ACJU’s CCC Division jointly with Iththihadul Madaris conducted a special Ulama Training course covering 150 hours on Social Unity and Coexistence; the Award giving Ceremony of which was held on 13.05.2017 at M.C. Bahardeen Hall of Al-Hidaya College, Colombo 10. The event’s introductory speech and the course introduction speech were conducted by Ash-Sheikh A.C.M. Agar Mohamed, the Deputy President of the ACJU.

Sheikh Agar Mohamed in his speech said a historical event was completed successfully by conducting a special course designed for Training the Ulama under the CCC Division of the ACJU. He said it is the liability of the ACJU to develop the Ulama spiritually, educationally and economically. Thus, we have designed the contents of this course scientifically to suit the today’s need of the Ulama. This course was introduced with various subjects aiming at the social Unity and the coexistence along with today’s challenges faced by Ulama. Plans are underway for the continuation of the next course for Ulama.

When Ash-Sheikh Ahmed Mubarak, the General Secretary of the ACJU spoke he said to strengthen the Ulama of this country the ACJU is serving presently in 15 divisions covering all-round needs of the people. Today we need Ulama who can be moderate in thinking, interested in social unity and those who deliver the truth very cautiously and thoughtfully. He also said every Alim should become a member of the ACJU and serve the people unitedly with other Ulama.

Ash-Sheikh Mufti Rizwe, the President of the ACJU delivered the keynote speech. He said until the day of Qiyamah solutions for all problems could be derived from the life of the Prophet Muhammad (Sallahllahu alaihiwasallam). His companions have lived as the models to the rest of the Muslim community. Their belief in Allah, knowledge and Thowheed were perfect so that they could live a life as a model to others.  When some companions were extreme in good deeds the Prophet (Sal) moderated them. Any matter in Islam has to be reached in the light of Al-Quran and Sunnah not with our common sense.

Mufti Rizwe also said when some Christian Fathers, from Vatican City who visited Sri Lanka, approached the ACJU to clear various doubts they finally asked a question that during the time of the Prophet (PBUH) there were no test tube babies. What is your religious stand on this matter? He said that they have forwarded a good question and responded they respond based on Quran, and if solution was not found based on Hadith, and if solution was neither found in Hadith, we use the wisdom and make complete Ijthihad to get the solution. And Mufti said a Fatwa was issued on this matter, which states that if a particular husband’s and wife’s sperm is used to produce a test tube baby it could be permitted. The Christian fathers were happy over the ACJU’s stand on this this issue.

Mufti Rizwe continued that many non-Muslims in this country do not understand a number of matters regarding Islam. The ACJU has done clarifications to them through our six publications that are called “Social Diolog’ books. Out of 50,000 publications 90% were disseminated to non-Muslims.                                                                                                                            

The ACJU makes joint decisions in determining on any issue as it is the need of the day. Selfish opinions might bring about disorders within a society. Therefore, the ACJU always make joint efforts in making a decisions. During the period Caliphas they took decisions in the similar way.  

The ACJU has a Fatwa committee consisting of 40 various Ulama from different organizations who collectively determine on any issue. It is important to give joint efforts and protect yourselves from the danger of self-determination.

Finally, the Certificates of successful participation were awarded to Ulama who completed the CCC training course.      

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