About Us

The All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama (ACJU) - the apex body of Islamic Scholars in Sri Lanka – was founded in the pre-independence era, in the year 1924. The need for a body of Islamic scholars in countries where Muslims were a minority was felt very strongly in that time, since proper guidance was most needed in such places. The establishment of the ACJU was preceded by the setting up of a similar body in India in 1919. Also a similar institution was established in South Africa in 1923. It is interesting to note that the ACJU predates the establishment of the Muslim World League by over three decades; re-establishing the fact that the presence of the ACJU in Sri Lanka from times past was more in line with local requirements and as an aspect of harmonious coexistence; not as part of a larger global agenda as some may try to allude. We are also humbly delighted to note that over 90% of the scholars in the ACJU are home-grown, gaining their knowledge in Sri Lanka itself; a country that played host to Arab nations since long before the advent of Islam, and has always been a welcoming paradise and safe haven for people of all races and creeds.

All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama, in its 90 years of journey, has been providing spiritual guidance to Ulama, general public and professionals, while nationally and internationally providing Muslims and non-Muslims a number of services and guidance. Remarkably, the ACJU is involved in raising unity among Muslims and co-existence among Muslims and non-Muslims. "Harmony Centres" in countries like Singapore are similar to the efforts of co-existence in our country. In line with its values, the ACJU avoids all involvement in active politics on principle; its role in the political structure is that of a thought leader in policy construction and a source of guidance, especially in times of crisis.

In existence since 1924, and Incorporated by the Act No. 51 of 2000 of The Parliament of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, with 134 branches and over 5000 member scholars (Aalims); the ACJU has organized itself into 15 committees to better serve its stakeholders. The committees, arranged as follows, are each headed by key ACJU members who are supported by a team of Aalims and professionals mostly comprised of volunteers aided by a few staff members. 

01.Council for Cooperation and Coordination

02.Social Service and Information Committee

03.Education Committee

04.Maktab Rehabilitation Committee

05.Fatwa committee

06.Propaganda Committee

07.Hilaal Committee

08.Research and Publication Committee

09.Youth Affairs Committee

10.Women's Affairs Committee

11.Media Committee

12.Islamic Economics and Finance Advisory Committee

13.Halaal Committee

14.Ulama Affairs Committee

15.Branch Coordination Committee