Guidelines to be observed during the Vesak Festival

மே 17, 2019

 17.05.2019 (11.09.1440)


It is the need of the hour to have proper knowledge and understanding of the Islamic principles of co-existing with other communities as we, Muslims, are living in a multi-cultural and multi-communal country.

Therefore, All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama requests all Muslims to adhere to the following guidelines during the period of Vesak:

  1. Make use of this period of Vesak as an opportunity to build friendly and harmonious relationships with the other communities. 
  1. As the Vesak period coincides with Ramadhaan this year, we should make sure that our activities do not cause any hindrance to others. And also cordial and harmonious interactions should be maintained with them on humanitarian basis. 
  1. Abiding by the government laws, we should refrain from engaging in slaughtering and selling of poultry or cattle during this period which would also be an expression of respecting the religious values of the other communities. 
  1. If any clarifications or guidance is required in this regard, please contact the Fatwa Division of the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama on 0117 490 420. 


Ash Shaikh H. Omardeen
Secretary – Propagation Division


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